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2017 Big R Exhibitors




A-1 Automotive Core Supplier

Rick Kagasoff  |  |  (714) 647-9010  


BOOTH: 715







ACE/MCI Commodities (Cores)

Bill Cline  |  |  (314) 725-2673  | 

BOOTH: 501






AFTERMARKET INTERNATIONAL and AFTERMARKET INTERNATIONAL en ESPAÑOL enable you to efficiently reach the automotive aftermarket outside of the U.S. and Canada. We are unique in providing access to specific buyers in more than 100 countries. Circulation within each market is determined after a review of each country's current growth, import potential and outlook for aftermarket sales.  Print/digital/lead gen options available.  Distributed at 15 shows worldwide.


Brad Glazer  |  |  216-233-6943  |


BOOTH: 711








Allen Woods & Associates 


Jack Daul  |  |  (847) 806-4000 


BOOTH: 415






Armakleen Company

The ARMAKLEEN™ Company markets a complete line of Aqueous based parts cleaning products and ARMEX™ Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) for non-destructive abrasive blasting specially formulated for the automotive and remanufacturing industries.  These products provide a more effective and environmentally friendly way to remove burnt on carbon, grease, oil, rust, paint, ink, adhesives and other coatings from most surfaces and substrates.  With more and more companies actively looking for ways to protect their workers, meet environmental regulations, and preserve the planet, ARMAKLEEN™ aqueous parts cleaning formulas and ARMEX™ baking soda abrasives offer the ideal green solutions to your parts cleaning process.

Brian Waple  |  |  (609) 806-1496  |

BOOTH: 105







BOOTH: 703









ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) is a technical support service and leader in the Automatic Transmission Industry. Since our inception in 1985 by Robert Cherrnay, we have kept his vision to grow, change and revolutionize the industry by leaps and bounds.  As an industry leader we offer an array of benefits such as first class Membership, a Technical Support Hotline, Technical Manuals, Software, Bulletins, Live Seminars, Seminar Manuals and Live Recorded Webinars to the Automatic Transmission Professional.  
Heidi Papworth  |  |  (800) 245-7722  |


BOOTH: 512






Auto Parts Direct 

Auto Parts Direct is a diesel core procurement company from Holland, MI. We specialize in core engines, injectors, injection pumps, modules and turbochargers.

Stacy Jones  |  |  (269) 751-2508  |


BOOTH: 707







Beijing Naifu International Trade Co., Ltd.


Alina La  |  |  010-88500860-509  |



BOOTH: 700








BPS Cores, Inc.

Full line Core Supplier. Sorted cores, domestic, import, and heavy duty. Rewound and refurbished electrical components. Customer Core Management.

Beth Dickson  |  |  (404) 559-8571  |

BOOTH: 301





ChinaHanji Power Co.., Ltd.


Manufacturer, Importer & Exporter and Remanufacturer of Diesel fuel injection parts, including VE pumps, VE Pump parts, nozzles, elements, delivery valves, head rotors, cam disks, drive shafts, solenoids, injectors, and other pump parts, common rail pumps and parts , common rail injectors, CR valves ....etc


Lisa Bao  |  |  0086-594-3603380  |


BOOTH: 702










Circular Economy Solutions GmbH

Circular Economy Solutions GmbH offers with CoremanNet an international core return service with a simple and reliable core return process and surcharge compensation. This effective interface between dealer and remanufacturer provides timely the right cores in a defined quality to the remanufacturing plant. CoremanNets' modular solutions can be flexibly adapted to suit individual company requirements, thus helping to create the fast and efficient business procedures crucial to long-term success. 

Michael Schedler |  +49 551-500-80670  |  |

BOOTH: 215





DC Tricore


Transmissions, starters, A/C compressors, alternators and torque converters.


Keith Malone  |  |  (847) 360-8600  |


BOOTH: 603









Injectors, pumps, turbo chargers and other diesel consumables.


Justin Greenberg  |  |  (713) 849-5302  |


BOOTH: 405








Diesel Parts of America

Manufacturers and re-manufacturers of high quality replacement diesel fuel injection products for heavy equipment engine applications.

Andrew Sarkissian  |  |  (818) 765-3344  |

BOOTH: 605




Duncan Recycling and Refining LLC  |  (580) 736-4150  |


BOOTH: 211








Expo Enterprise Inc

BOOTH: 305








Gobbi Spare Parts S.P.A.

Full line core supplier specializing in starters & alternators (rotating electrics), power and manual steering racks, power steering pumps, electric power steering, electric pumps, brake calipers, injectors, EGR valves, turbochargers, diesel pumps, commonrail, a/c compressors, driveshaft, cv joints, gear boxes, engines, cylinder heads, radius arm, catalytic converters

Andrea Gobbi  |  |  +39-0567311146  |

BOOTH: 704








Hart Bros Core Co LLC

Automotive core supplier specializing in steering products such as power steering pumps, steering rack and steering gears. Other products include water pumps, smog pumps, turbo's, injection pumps, catalytic converters, starters, alternators, A/C compressors and much more. We cater to the restoration world for the customers looking for specific casting and date coded parts.

Daniel Hart  |  |  (541) 259-4278  |

Alan Hart  |  |  (541) 259-4278  |


BOOTH: 411







Houghton International

Houghton International was established in 1865 and is headquartered in Valley Forge, PA. Houghton International formulates, manufactures, and markets a complete line of cleaners and metalworking fluids for the remanufacturing industry. Houghton International has over 2000 employees in 33 countries with 11 manufacturing plants across 5 continents. Houghto-Clean_ immersion & spray cleaners, Houghto-Strip_ paint, carbon, rust removers, and Hocut _ metalworking fluids our the foundation of innovative chemistry that extends the life and performance of your cleaning systems. Our value proposition includes improved cleaning velocity, reduce labor cost, reduced energy cost, waste minimization, component damage elimination, and warranty claim avoidance related to cleaning.

Anton Pavesich  |  |  (484) 302-9314  |









Innovative Technology 

BOOTH: 113








International Automotive Trading, Inc

Offering complete alternators, starters and a full line of component parts for automotive, agricultural, industrial and marine applications.

Eugene Neugebohr  |  |  (718) 956-4248  |


BOOTH: 601







Interstate Billing Services


Interstate Billing Service has offered a full-service accounts receivable program since 1984.  Over 450 clients across the U.S. trust IBS to simplify cash flow, eliminate collections and billing headaches, and reduce risk and expenses so they can focus on what they do best.   Our clients not only enjoy cutting-edge technology and unbeatable customer service, but also complementary marketing services to help their businesses grow. 

Leslie Johnson Nielsen  |  |  805-660-7176
Keith Budd  |  |  248-622-6170


BOOTH: 513










Sales components: rack and pinion, gear box, pump, electronic racks, sensor torque, seals and O rings.


Jorge Salort  |  |  (908) 925-5431  |

BOOTH: 713








JJ Cores

Providing automotive Cores to rebuilders since 1977. We specialize in starters and alternators, selling world wide with locations in Canada as well as California.

Brandon Nytschyk  |  |  (714) 991-9017  |


BOOTH: 112









Jrone Turbocharger System

Jrone Turbocharger System is a leading and professional manufacturer for turbocharger, cartridge and spare parts from China. We focus on technology, value and service. We supply high quality items which meet TS-16949 requests. 

James Gao  |  |  86-2167698262  |


BOOTH: 510





K. Wilson 


+44 1794 368072  |  


BOOTH: 614








Kotek America Inc.

Steering Components: Seals and seal kits (rack & pinion, pump, gear), bellows, inner tie-rods, mounting bushings, bushings, pump shafts, pump bushings, gaskets, pulleys, spacers, rubber breather tubes, steel oil tubings, teflon rings, square rings, yokes, and more. Axle: CV joints, boots, boot kits, cages, races, nuts, balls, clamps, circlips, ABS rings, dust shields, slingers, needles, carrier bearings, rollers, tripods, and more. Engine: oil seals, valve stem seals, gaskets, o-rings. Brake: caliper boots, caliper bushings, caliper seals, guide pin, booster diaphragm, booster seals, booster housings, and more. Heavy Duty: wheel hub seals, gaskets, oil seals, steering kits.

Janet Hsu  |  |  (949) 863-3126  |


BOOTH: 401



Level Seven Group LLC

Level Seven provides 2 Reman Software Solutions : 1) A full ERP reman-specific functionality like core management, teardown; 2) Software that integrates with your existing ERP (or standalone) to provide core management, teardown and core analytics.

Matt Pagni |  | 888-524-9055 x125


BOOTH: 500






MAHLE Aftermarket Inc.

Heavy duty alternators, starters & DC motors.

Bob Hopko  |  |  (203) 673-4261  |


BOOTH: 602







Mylex International Inc. 


We rebuild Injectors, Injection Pumps, and Turbo Charges: WE repair all the old injectors and the new electronic injectors. We repair everything from agricultural, construction, marine, and automotive and big rigs. We ship anywhere on UPS, Fedex, and a wide variety of truck lines. 

Lance Hamilton  |  |  (601) 847-4222  |


BOOTH: 503








NSK Corp

NSK is a leading global supplier of automotive bearing components including steering systems, engine, wheel and transmission bearings. It is our mission at NSK to supply products that meet global standards of excellence and to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our products represent the highest standard of original equipment quality. NSK provides automotive aftermarket products throughout North America, striving for superior customer and partner satisfaction. 


Eric Banas  |  |  (734) 913-7234  | 


BOOTH: 611







Paul Automobiles


Paul Automobiles are manufacturers of starter drives, and we are located in India. We have a wide range of Folo Thru starter drives, positork drives, Screw type drives, Inertia Friction clutch starter drives, facet style starter drives, barrel folo thru starter drives, roller clutch starter drives. 

Harvinder Signh  |  |  +919 8111-57701  | 


BOOTH: 613








Phoenix Automotive Cores

Full line automotive core supplier. Brake Calipers, Brake Power Boosters, Hydro Vacs, Hydro Boosters, Alternators, Starters, ECMs, Mass Air Flow Meters, Throttle Bodies, Hydraulic Control Cylinders, Hydraulic Control Valves, Power Steering Pumps, Rack & Pinions, Steering Gear Boxes, Automatic Transmissions, Manual Transmissions, Transfer Cases, Turbos, Fuel Injectors

David Polletta  |  |  (602) 415-9166  |

BOOTH: 100









Victor Noffran  |  954-447-7464  |


BOOTH: 615








Rebuilders Automotive Supply

Worldwide Full line Core Supplier specializing in Domestic and Import, Air Conditioning , Axles, Brake Products, Electrical, ECM’s/Advanced Electronics, Steering Products, Turbo’s, Wipers, and Window Lifts .

Also Catalytic Converters and Diesel Products.
All cores separated by OEM number.
Marcy King |  |  (401) 822- 3030  |


BOOTH: 201








ReMaTec & ReMaTecNews

The global supply chain of remanufacturing meets at ReMaTec 2019, 23-25 June, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ReMaTecNews is an independent channel for news, views and developments within the remanufacturing industry. ReMaTec offers a unique opportunity for all industry players to present their products, developments and exchange ideas in an international environment.Come and meet us for tailor-made promotional opportunities.


Yorien de Ruijter  ||  +31 (0)20 549 30 75|  

 Evelien Feijen|  +31 (0)20 549 15 81 |  


BOOTH: 712






RIT - Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery

Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery (C3R?) at Roch. Institute of Technology is internationally recognized as a leading R&D center for remanufacturing. The Center works to develop, test and implement efficient, cost-effective remanufacturing processes while promoting product designs that have minimal negative environmental impacts. The Center also delivers comprehensive advanced technical training and educational programs.


Nabil Nasr  |  |  (585) 475-5106  |


BOOTH: 612






Romaine Electric


Full line supplier of starters, alternators and components - O.E.M. and aftermarket. O.E.M. lines include Bosch, Denso, Leece Neville, Prestolite, Iskra, Hehr Power Systems, Penntex, Lucas, Valeo, C.E. Niehoff, DRA, Hitachi. Armature and rotor rewinder.  |  800-426-5005  |  


BOOTH: 505








Superior Engine Parts

Solenoids, Solenoid Components, Starter Drives, Turbochargers, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Diesel Particulate Filters

Robbie Sullivan  |  |  (417) 385-3149  |

BOOTH: 110








The Recycler Core Company


Alternators, starters, CV axles, rack & pinions, gear boxes, power steering pumps, distributors, master cylinders, calipers, brake boosters, electronic control modules, catalytic converters, A/C converters, injection pumps, throttle bodies, carburetors/torque converters, window & wiper motors, engines, transmissions, fuel injectors, turbos, water pumps

Gregory Meier  |  |  (951) 276-1687  |

BOOTH: 101








Turbo International


Manuel Moreno  |  |  (760) 476-1444  |


BOOTH: 514








Unlimited Packaging & Supplies

Marie Clausman  |  |  (877) 307-8767  |


BOOTH: 515










Wah Seng Industry Sdn. Bhd was established in year 1989, is one of the leading starter motor, alternators and distributor rebuilders in Malaysia. We manufacture and supply auto electrical components vehicles with more than 20 years of experience.

Emily Yan   |  |  604-502-7222  |


BOOTH: 710










Leading automotive parts manufacturer, WAIglobal, supplies a full range of OE-quality products to customers worldwide. WAI's branding aligns its eye-catching packaging with the premium products inside the box, backed up by extensive technical support and customer service from automotive aftermarket experts.


Gloria Young  |  | (484) 875-6600|


BOOTH: 610








Yota Enterprise

Maria Boudar  |  | 702-247-4491


BOOTH: 310







  YouTech Group

We are the publishers of the industry standard PartRef online catalog for alternators, starters, turbochargers, DC Motors and related components. We also develop websites from the single page to the elaborate and assist in social media marketing

Dennis Jacinto  |  |  (866) 285-1292  |

BOOTH: 709

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